General Dental Care

with comfort close to home.

We know you don’t want to travel to get your dental work done—that’s why we try to take care of as much as possible right here in Marshall. Dr. Andrew Frerich has completed a number of continuing education courses in order to give you high quality dental services without the hassle of going somewhere else.

One of Dr. Andrew’s strengths as a dentist is long-term and comprehensive planning—we want everything we do to work together in the long-term for your optimal dental health. Each treatment should consider the condition of the whole mouth—Dr. Andrew is skilled at coming alongside of you through your treatment to ensure we get you to your goals.

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Dental Hygiene

When you come in for a check-up, we are going to clean your teeth, do an exam, take x-rays, and make a plan to keep your oral health the best it can be. This is almost always the first step in your dental journey. Rest-assured, no one is judging you—we are just happy you are here, though we will probably still encourage you to floss more often! Dental hygiene appointments are recommended every six months to catch any problems early on and to prevent problems by removing build up that you can’t get with your toothbrush and floss on your own.

Root Canals

Root canals are often the most dreaded procedure in dentistry, but, at Marshall Dental Excellence, we can assure you that this is a pain-free procedure. Root canals are needed when a tooth is damaged to the pulp chamber or nerve of the tooth. Dr. Andrew has advanced training in molar root canals. Often teeth that need a root canal are very painful, and we are honored that we can help you get out of pain with the right treatment. 

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Sometimes that tooth just has to go. Too much decay, a severely broken tooth, or an accident can all be reasons an extraction is needed. We will talk with you about any available options to save your tooth. If it isn’t possible to save your tooth, we will make sure you are numb and comfortable for your extraction. We can talk about replacement options to ensure long-term functionality and aesthetics. 


Fillings take care of those cavities you hope to not have when you visit the dentist. When Dr. Andrew does a filling, he carefully removes the decayed tooth material, leaving behind only health tooth structure. Then he fills the area back in with tooth-colored materials that seal the natural tooth and make that tooth feel as good as new. Taking care of cavities right away when we catch them is important to keep the cavity area from getting bigger and needing more extensive treatment. 

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Crowns cover a tooth that has been damaged that cannot be treated with a filling—many times crowns are needed for severe decay, after a root canal, or for a cracked or broken tooth. Crowns are made of strong, tooth colored material and surround the whole tooth. During this procedure, Dr. Andrew will numb the area and carve the remaining tooth structure into the right shape for the crown to go on. Depending on the tooth to be repaired, we will scan your tooth and mill the replacement crown right in our office. We will cement the new crown on that same day. Crowns offer great protection for a compromised tooth for the long term. 


Bridges replace missing teeth using adjacent teeth to attach on to and “bridge” the gap with a fake tooth in that space. Dr. Andrew will change the shape of the teeth next door to the missing tooth or teeth so that they are ready to be the anchors for the bridge. We will create a temporary bridge to fill in the gaps while your strong permanent bridge is being made at the dental lab. When you come back in a few weeks later, we will cement the permanent bridge in place. 

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Dentures are full-mouth prosthetics to replace all of the missing teeth on the top and/or the bottom. We will work with you to create well-fitting and good-looking dentures while you wear a temporary denture. This process takes about three months, but it is well worth it. We will continue to take care of your dentures and you as things change with adjustments, relines, and repairs.

Additional Services

Sedation Dentistry

Our team is sedation certified to keep you safe and comfortable for your entire treatment visit.


Dr. Andrew is certified in the Tip Edge orthodontic system to change your smile more quickly.


Dental implants fill the gaps left by missing teeth and restore your smile. 


Non-invasive laser hair removal and laser skin care treatments are now available.