Sedation Dentistry

Removing fear for better care.

About 36% of people in the U.S. have a fear of the dentist, and about 12% have an extreme fear. Whether you are afraid because you are worried it will hurt, past bad experiences, embarrassment…we are here for you. Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective option for patients who are fearful or anxious to receive dental treatment. 

Dr. Andrew Frerich is certified in sedation dentistry and has completed hundreds of sedation dentistry cases. The goal? Pain free dentistry.

Give us a call to discuss sedation dentistry get on the road to good dental health.

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Our team is also sedation certified to keep you safe and comfortable for your entire treatment visit.

Sedation dentistry is a great fit for folks undergoing implant surgery or who have a treatment plan that will take a long time (it’s nice to take a nap for those kinds of appointments!). People with a strong gag reflex can also benefit from sedation dentistry.

How Sedation Works.

  • Regular Dental Exam

    Sedation dentistry starts with a regular dental visit and exam to determine what treatment you need. We can clean your teeth then or postpone the cleaning until your sedation. 

  • Pre-operative Appointment

    We will do a pre-operative appointment with you to go over your medical history, get your vitals, complete paperwork, and talk about finances—don’t worry, this appointment isn’t even in a dental chair.

  • Sedation Day

    On the day of your sedation, you’ll take medication as directed by Dr. Andrew to achieve a safe level of sedation while you are monitored closely. You’ll be able to talk to us and follow directions, but you won’t remember your day in the dental chair, and you might even snore a little bit while we take good care of you!