New Patients

Accepting new patients

For a new, Better experience

We always welcome and accept new patients at Marshall Dental Excellence. You are the reason we are here—we don’t exist without you. You are not a visitor to our office—you are a part of our team. We are honored to have you, and we thank you for the opportunity to take care of you. 

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    Give us a call

    Give us a call to set up your first new patient appointment. We are proud of you for taking the first step—sometimes making the call is the hardest part! If a call is too much—feel free to text us or email us—we’ll probably call you back to get things set up, but we’re nice, we promise! 

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    We’ll send your paperwork right to your phone via text message and/or email unless you would prefer a paper copy, which we will mail to you. We’ll get all of that to you before your appointment so you can take care of things when it works for you. If that doesn’t work out, no problem, we’ll get your paperwork completed when you come to your appointment. 

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    Dental Record Release Form

    You might need to fill out a dental records release form to have your previous dentist send your x-rays to us—if they are recent, we can use those! This is no big deal, and we send dental x-rays to each other all the time, but we do need this form signed. You can print it here and text us a picture, email it to us at, mail it, or drop it off.

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    Appointment Time

    On the day of your appointment, you will get a reminder text a couple hours in advance. Come about 15 minutes early for your first appointment, just to make sure we have everything all set before your appointment begins. Please bring your insurance card along and a form of payment for your first visit. Most likely, you’ll be all set, and our hygienist or assistant will invite you back to have a seat in a dental chair. 

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    Meet Your Hygienist

    During your appointment, our hygienist will ask you some questions about your medical and dental history and your oral health goals and concerns. We’ll take x-rays if needed (it’s so easy and comfortable these days, plus we have lots of tips to make it even easier for you). Then we’ll get started cleaning your teeth. If a teeth cleaning is really nerve-wracking, you can use nitrous gas to help alleviate your anxiety during the cleaning. 

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    Meet Dr. Andrew

    Dr. Andrew will come in to examine your mouth and talk about treatment recommendations, concerns, goals, options, and how we can team up to achieve the best outcomes possible for your oral health. 

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    Schedule Next Cleaning

    The hygienist will make sure you understand everything, get you scheduled for your next cleaning, and schedule you for treatment if you are ready to do so. He or she will help you out with payment and if you need more information about anything else, like insurance, the In-House Dental Program, etc. you may speak with one of our other team members. 

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    You're Done!

    You did it! We are so proud of you!